What We Offer

See, Step, Save!

Proper goaltending is about seeing the shot, stepping to the shot, saving the shot.  It is with these basic tenets in mind that we offer varied services to assist players & coaches alike.

Whether it is individual sessions, small group or coaches clinics, our training is built around three core areas of focus:

  • Technical - The 'How' of goaltending which includes: proper 'Ready' stance and footwork, save mechanics and mechanics of proper clearing & passing.
  • Tactical - If technical training is the 'How' of goaltending, Tactical training is the 'What', 'When' and 'Why'. Tactical training includes pragmatic discussions about goalie play reinforced through game-like situational drills to build higher on-field in-game intelligence.
  • Drills - Both general athletic and position-specific technical & tactical drills that focus on physical and cognitive repetition to promote quicker reaction speed ('muscle memory') and better awareness in and out of the goal circle.  Supplemental drills focus on progressive goalie warm-up routines for both pre-practice and pre-game plus off-season training routines.

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Individual Training

We offer individual custom one-on-one training for goalies that desire to identify and hone in on specific areas needing improvement. Training sessions are progressive - as a goalie's technical/tactical abilities increase, so will the level of training.  Ensuring the player understands the 'Why' behind proper goaltending is essential to her ability to consistently play with a high degree of confidence in herself and her abilities.  

Fee: Coach-led training is $60/hr + mileage (see below)*

 Mentor-led training is $30/hr + mileage (see below)* 

Small Group Training

Small group training is ideal for clubs or schools that want to provide developmental training for their goalies.  Consistent high level of play from ALL goalies is the cornerstone of successful programs.  With small group training, the coach(es) can ensure that ALL goalies are not only receiving proper training, but training that is tailored to ensure the goalies are meeting the needs of the program. 

Fee: $40/hr per goalie (minimum of 2 goalies) + mileage (see below)*

Coaches Clinic

Clinics focus on the details of proper goalie training and play, from a coach’s perspective. The content  of a clinic is custom to the needs of the attending coaches. Topics of discussion can be as diverse as: How to identify & develop goalies; off-season vs in-season training, or even goalie play in team defense.  More than a one-way knowledge transfer, each clinic is a running Q & A session for the open exchange of ideas - critical for the continued development of any coaching staff.

Fee: $100/hr + mileage (see below)*

Video Analysis

Goalies and coaches are using video with increased frequency to measure and correct technique while analyzing individual goalie performance during training and games.  Whether it is Hudl, Krossover, YouTube, Skype, Coach's Eye or simply a video from a mobile device, we provide detailed feedback that the goalie can use to improve her game. 

Fee: $45/hr (minimum of 1 hour)

Shooting Sessions

GSL is proud to offer the services of current and alumni NCAA DI, DII, & DIII players as shooters.  In addition to goalies having an opportunity to face live shots from experienced shooters with the highest skillset, these players will also share knowledge with the goalie to assist her with understanding how shooters 'think' and what they 'see', when presented with a shot opportunity.

 Fee: $20/hr per shooter + mileage (see below)* 

$15/30 min per shooter + mileage (see below)* 

Goalie Stick Stringing

Our 'stringer' is recognized as one of the best in the state and regularly strings sticks for goalies of all ages and skill levels - from beginner youth all the way to collegiate players!  Check out our Gallery for some pics of sweet channels and sick colors! 

Fee: begins at $40 per head

Additional Services

Recruiting Assistance

Our coaches and mentor/trainers have extensive personal experience with the collegiate recruiting process.  While each goalie's path to collegiate lacrosse is unique, we believe our collective knowledge will benefit the student-athlete and her family on this exciting journey!

Fee: $30/hr (minimum of 1 hour)

* A mileage fee of $0.35/mile applies for all travel distances greater than 25 miles one-way