We Start Behind the Mask

Commitment To The Person

Paramount to all other aspects of GSL is our commitment to one another - as people and as players. This dedication to the person behind the mask is what sets us apart. It is these relationships, built on mutual respect and trust, that form the foundation of everything we do at GSL. 

Building Goalies From The Inside Out

Let's face it, goaltending is hard!  A goalie's ability to remain focused and resilient during a game is key to her success.  This resilience begins with belief - belief in herself and her abilities. At GSL we recognize that a goalie's "mental game" is often neglected in favor of more technical training.  Our progressive approach to training ensures that each player not only improves her skills but also builds confidence in herself!

Better Goalies, Better People

At G-Squad we believe in the power of positive reinforcement. It is our singular focus to help each athlete become the best goalie she can be while providing a fun and nurturing environment in which to learn. By accepting personal responsibility for her actions, each student at GSL develops a stronger sense of pride in herself and her ability to adapt to challenges on and off the field.